Premium Defy NFT for 1 dollar?

4 min readSep 17, 2021


DefyDefi is proud to announce the launch of its long-awaited DefyNFT marketplace. The 1 dollar premium NFTs will be available for auction on September 21, 2021. The exact UTC time will be announced on Twitter and Telegram.

How to participate in the upcoming 1dollar NFT auction?

  1. Sign-up at marketplace
  2. Once the NFTs are listed on the above date, any user or buyer can place their bid on any of the available NFTs listed.
  3. The auction price will start at $1.
  4. You may resell the NFT in the marketplace right after buying it.

Why is the Defy NFT marketplace better?

DefyNFT will be positioned as a project that serves a real-world use case of listing exclusive NFT smart contracts of non-crypto organizations and an incubator program for digital artists to create premium NFT frames in exchange for commissions and royalties.

Why is having your own NFT Smart Contract better?

Owning your own NFT smart contract is the future of brand building in the NFT and crypto space.

Most NFT marketplaces only allow you to mint under their own NFT smart contract.

The proposition of DefyNFT is to allow all creators to own their personal NFT smart contracts so that they can have a long-term outlook on the NFT pieces they are minting as early as now.

Why is it important to own your own NFT smart contract before minting your own NFTs?

  1. It is easier for your collectors to validate the authenticity of NFTs by simply validating the smart contract address on your social media pages and the blockchain.
  2. You can bring your entire collection with you and have it listed on other open NFT marketplaces.
  3. You can use your personal NFT smart contract for branding and identity purposes.

DEFY Premium NFT Frames

We are one of the first to create an entire collection of NFT frames that can be used by other projects to instantly create premium-looking NFT pieces in just minutes.

The main problem in the NFT creation space is that it takes so much time and money to produce high-quality NFT designs. We have been creating our own NFT pieces for quite some time and most of the time the entire process of creation and designing takes more than a week to complete and finish.

DefyNFT will solve this by bridging the NFT marketplace, selection of ready-made 3D frames, and a supercomputer that will render the finished product in minutes rather than days.

How will all this work?

1. New frames are constantly being designed and created by partner 3D frame designers and artists for customers to choose from.

2. Any piece of digital image or video clip can be placed on the frame to recreate a premium feel of a NFT memorabilia.

Once the image, logo, and other text are placed in the 3D frame, it will be rendered in a supercomputer to come-up with a high-quality NFT memorabilia or art piece.

Raw file will be shared to the user and can be minted on their own NFT smart contract or in any chain of preference.

Defy crypto-collab collection

We are in the process of collaborating with real-world artists and crypto influencers to create an NFT art collection series for the fanbase of each of the biggest communities in crypto.

Imagine an artist and a crypto influencer teaming up to create 20 unique pieces for the biggest crypto projects that they support. The design will be a fusion of artistry and branding from both creators. Once done, the designs will be minted in limited quantities and will only be available on our DefyNFT marketplace.

NFT for entrepreneurs and businesses

The problem with the current NFT landscape is that it is failing to reach main stream adoption outside of the crypto space.

Defy is building partnerships as we speak with local entrepreneurs that will be an early adopter of using NFT to improve customer engagement, employee retention and brand awareness in the NFT space.

Imagine local business and non-crypto organizations using NFTs as rewards, trophies and memorabilia to empower their own organization.

We believe that we are just at the starting point of building something big in helping the future economy use blockchain and NFT as real world assets to empower their organizations and businesses.

What we are building down the road?

  1. Multi-chain compatible nft marketplace
  2. ERC-1155 marketplace compatibility.
  3. Ready-made NFT assets for other NFT game projects.
  4. NFT money technology for loot box prizes




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