What’s happening with the price?

Khuriya teaching Asmar the secret to enchanting the magic carpet, original art by Khuriya.com

I’m writing this to all of our beloved DEFY holders.

First of all, congratulations to all of us for a strong performance in the first 24 hours of Defy Defi launching.

We were able to reach a market cap of $3.5 million in less than 12 hours from launch.

If you were not there in the very beginning, DEFY and Khuriya was conceptualized months and months ago with an active public Telegram group of less than 50 members. Most of them followed the developments of the project while we were quietly building.

The plan was to build an empire of auto-yield tokens that are designed for real world use cases (Khuriya launchpad).

We want to change the culture in Binance Smart Chain and defi in general, so we launched a full fair launch project that is 100% community owned.

We managed the pre sale buying to a max of 0.25 BNB each to fairly distribute the foundation to a lot of people and raised only 50 BNB max as the starting foundation of our liquidity.

Then something crazy happened…..

DEFY broke all sub-categories in the new token section of CoinGecko in the first 12 hours. Many groups within the crypto community began to reach out to us.

To be honest, we were not expecting things to happen this fast.

Maybe we had a good launch, maybe people saw the vision and potential, or maybe they were just in it for the pump and dump game.

I know most of you are asking if this is just a pump and dump?

Now that the first day smoke has settled, let’s start talking as long-term holders and not as pump and dump kids.

I’m not sure if you will believe me but we haven’t sold a single token yet.


Because we have friends and family who invested in the project as well. I’d rather be the last holder in DEFY than sell ahead of people who believed in us in the very beginning.

Brand building and recognition is more important for us. If DEFY fails, Khuriya will be a failure without even being launched yet.

In my opinion, the price will still pump in the next coming day even without us building anything else. The smart contract is solid, we have locked the liquidity, no whales in sight, listed on CoinGecko and more. In addition, we have a strong long-term community behind DEFY, and the project getting rugged is not a question anymore.

but we have a dream and a vision for Khuriya and DEFY, and we are sticking to the plan.

We want to be a big brand in Crypto, and Defy is our first vehicle.

We are now moving to the 2nd phase of the master plan where we will use the marketing fund on the following:

1. We will pay accredited artists for commissioning of art on DEFY

2. We will try to negotiate influencer fees with an x-deal of NFT tribute and royalty under their name.

3. We will pay artists who will polish the submitted design for DEFY NFT design framing.

4. We will put up the $1 NFT lottery to drive more token holdings in Defy.

5. Influencers will market our NFT tribute side by side with our lottery.

and think about this, this is just one cycle of the entire process.

This will be repeated again and again because

funding keeps coming,
influencers get paid and enjoy the tribute,
community gets $1 NFTs,
investors get more token pump (I hope),
artists get paid
and everyone gets royalties.

Oh wait I forgot, we have more listings coming up on bigger Telegram groups, listings on exchanges and more influencer exposure.

Now before ya’ll get excited and start aping on more DEFY tokens,

here is a disclaimer first for you and everyone,

We are building a ship not a speed boat. We don’t want to cause any of our team to burn out attempting to satisfy people crying on Telegram when the price goes down or moves sideways.

You know how the crypto game works, and a lot has been written and said on

“invest only the amount you can afford to lose” and
“do not be greedy”.

I know you want to make a crazy amount of gains. We all want that, but here’s a piece of advice. The price is just an illusion of “what if money”. Do not attach yourself to all-time highs, no one gets it right.

The only time a token price can be yours is when you exit the game.

No one gets the top, no one knows the bottom. Manage your greed and you’ll be fine.

Remember my story about when we were just 50 members in the Telegram group for almost 2 months?

Once the hype dies down after the first day and the price finds its stability, just imagine again that we are now in the same quiet situation like before.

but this time around we are building a bigger and better foundation of DEFY skyscraper.

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid — Thomas Kempis

I’ve been in Bitcoin since 2013 and have been a part of many massive dumps during my entire crypto journey. I haven’t sold a single coin and spent nothing for myself.

If there’s one thing that has worked well for me in my crypto investing all these years is this philosophy,

“Invest when no one cares”

Again my beloved Defyers, manage your risks, be smart, stay active and enjoy the carpet ride.

Please do not invest without knowing the long-term vision of Defy and Khuriya.
If you want to know everything about us please ape on the following links:


Khuriya Chat

Defy Chat

Defy Unfiltered




We raise funds for NFT startups and tokenize their royalty shares

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We raise funds for NFT startups and tokenize their royalty shares

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